Doug Gerard announces his candidacy for Wyoming House District 3

Campbell County, WY-   Doug Gerard, a conservative Republican, announced today he is seeking the House District 3 seat in the Wyoming House of Representatives.

Mr. Gerard is a straight talker.  If you ask him a question, you’ll get an answer.  “I don’t want to be a politician, I want to be statesman and a legislator.” said Mr. Gerard.  “A politician will tell you what he thinks you want to hear to get himself elected and then pursue his personal agenda.  A statesman will tell you what he thinks, and stick to his guns and vote that way.  No games, no playing politics and especially no hidden agendas.”

“I believe the Wyoming legislature has a threefold responsibility.  First our state must be governed by constitutional principles where the people of Wyoming decide what Wyoming should be.  Second, we must make sure we have a business friendly state where Wyomingites can create a business, hire employees and put the tremendous people of Wyoming to work.  Finally our state should be a family friendly place to live, where parents are in charge of their children and parents have the final say especially in deciding how their children are educated.” said Mr. Gerard.

Mr. Gerard as a lifelong Republican is an outspoken conservative voice, willing to speak out even when his position may not be popular.  He was called “the proud father of a constitutional amendment” as he was instrumental in the Wyoming Health Care Freedom Amendment approved in 2012 by voters.

Mr. Gerard lost a close primary battle for House District 3 in 2012, losing by a scant 90 votes.  Mr. Gerard believes the voters of House District 3 want a solid conservative in the seat.  He wants to be a voice of renewal for the time honored conservative principles that have made Wyoming, and especially Campbell and Converse counties the land of opportunity for so many.

Mr. Gerard is a member of the Knights of Columbus and is currently the chairman of the Campbell County Planning Commission.   In 1999 he married his source of strength and inspiration, Daniela, a physician specializing in emergency medicine.
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