City's Streets Division begins scheduled subdivision sweeping and flushing

The City of Gillette's Streets Division announces it has commenced its 2014 scheduled subdivision street sweeping.

Each week, the City of Gillette will announce the subdivision streets that will be swept the following week on its website, Facebook page, and in its weekly ad in the Gillette News-Record. The sweep schedule for May 19th - 23rd is:

Monday, May 19th: Garner Lake Road, Warlow Drive

Tuesday, May 20th: (Area 1 - Saunders Subdivision) T7 Lane, Wagon Hammer Lane, Turkey Track Lane, Jack Plane Lane, LA Lane, Shipwheel Lane, Hogeye Drive, Ross Avenue, 10th street, 11th street, Flying Circle Drive.

Wednesday, May 21st: 4J Road, Enzi Drive, West 4J Road, 4th Street

Thursday, May 22nd: (Area 2 - Mill Iron, New Sunnyside subdivisions) Dalbey Avenue, Richards Avenue, Warren Avenue, 9th Street, 8th Street, Ross Avenue, Rockpile Avenue.

Friday, May 23rd: Gillette Avenue, Complete Area 2

During the week, the Streets Division's sweeping and flushing trucks will sweep and flush arterial and major roads within the City Limits, and will also enter subdivisions and sweep/flush those streets.

The Streets Division recommends that citizens park their vehicles and trailers off the streets until the sweep/flush trucks have made their way through the subdivision.

Removing vehicles/trailers from the street is not required, but citizens are encouraged to do so to help keep subdivision streets clean.

Prior to entering subdivisions, the Streets Division will place signs at entrances to each subdivision. See photo.

The purpose of street sweeping and flushing is to remove as much debris from the streets and gutters to keep Gillette looking clean, but also to remove material, such as trash, yard waste, and dirt that could collect and clog storm sewers and drainages.

Again, citizens are not required to remove their vehicles, but this will help the Streets Division clean the entire street.  Due to issues that may arise, the schedule will only be released in one to two week increments.

For more information contact Public Information Officer Joe Lunne at (307) 686-5393.
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