Bill Pownall Will Run For House District 52

Press Release - I am pleased to announce my intention to run for House District 52. I am a lifelong Campbell County, Wyoming resident. During the past 38 years, I have served in law enforcement with the last 11½ of those years as Sheriff of Campbell County. During this time I have had the privilege to meet with legislators in Cheyenne, as well as work with the Campbell County delegation on various issues of importance. Being a third generation rancher and businessman, I am uniquely qualified to represent the residents of Campbell County House District 52.

I believe in a common sense approach to government. It is imperative we create an environment with minimal governmental interference and regulation. Such an environment will promote the expansion of businesses and industries which will create job growth and a stronger economy. We need to defend and support our energy industry in Wyoming. Smart management of our natural resources including coal, oil, and gas will keep Wyoming strong for generations. Common sense says we need to continue working to explore and create export partnerships in Washington and Oregon and other ports west in order to keep our clean coal market strong.

We must always remember how important the agricultural industry is to the strength of our great State. A strong and viable ranching and farming industry will sustain us as it has throughout our history. Keeping this sector of our economy strong will insure that generations to come will have the opportunity to continue this heritage. We must carefully consider the impact of our legislative decisions on all businesses.

We have to protect our Wyoming energy and agricultural industries against attacks from BLM, EPA, and Forest Service. These attacks come in the form of overregulation and infringement of private property rights and, more often than not, these regulations are not grounded in common sense but rather flow from something quite the opposite of common sense.

It is critical that we wisely invest in Wyoming highways and infrastructure to maintain the ability to safely and efficiently transport Wyoming products.
Strong support for law enforcement efforts in keeping our communities safe from criminals is a must. Common sense says the most effective way to fight crime is by properly funding law enforcement and by handing down punishments that actually fit the crime.

Education will always be one of our utmost concerns. We need to invest in and locally control the education system in Wyoming to make certain our children get the finest education possible so they can become successful future leaders of our great State.

As a Wyoming native, concerned citizen and candidate for House District 52, I would like to close with this in mind:

“Wyoming is a great State to live and work in. As citizens, we need to endeavor to keep it that way with a common sense, no frills approach. Common sense says it is essential for Wyoming Citizens to work together to prevent those from outside our borders from infringing on our rights and to preserve the livelihood that our ancestors built and to which we are all entitled.”
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