House District 31 Candidate Scott Clem

Press Release - I'm a third generation native of Gillette.  Though born in North Dakota, my family moved back home to Gillette when I was 7, living here ever sense. I was paralyzed in an alpine skiing accident at 19. At 20 I met my sweet heart.  A year later I graduated with an associates degree from Gillette College and married.  I am slowly working my way towards a bachelors degree through UW. I've beed described many times as a role model, and a fighter who doesn't quit.  My wife and I have 3 kids children, ages 7, 5, and 2. We believe children are a blessing from God. 

I've worked for the YES House for 8 years.  I'm currently a case manager at our Group Home, a position I've held for 5 years.  I've had previous work experience through CCSD, Sharkey Well Service, and Keyhole Technologies. I'm a deacon and trustee of my church. I'm also our Sunday School superintendent, preaching in our Junior Church and teaching a Sunday School class.  I've served on the City's Parks and Beautification Board for 3 years and am the current Chairman.

I believe in being a conservative first and a Republican second. I'm furious about Obamacare, an immigration bill without first securing our borders, the EPA's strongarming of Wyoming, and the Federal Gov't not executing the trust in which Title of Public Lands is transferred to Wyoming.  The feds claim ownership of 48% of Wyoming's territory.  This is land that we cannot manage, tax for education, or use to build our economies.

Regarding SF104, it presumed State School Superintendent Cindy Hill guilty placing the burden upon her to prove her innocence.  An Arizona lawmaker was brought in by the Governor as the State's new Education Director.  His position saddled Wyoming with Common Core, among other federal mandates. What a travesty. I reject science standards that promote man-made climate change and the claim that CO2, the gas that trees breathe, is a pollutant. 

I would like to see:
-Wyoming refuse federal money (strings attached) to expand Medicaid
-Gillette College become a 4 year institution
-Adequate education funding for our school district personnel
-Coal/CO2 Research facilities, etc., built in Campbell County
-Prepaid cell phone tax for 911 dispatchers only
-Transfer of Title to Public Lands to Wyoming
-Continued fight against federal mandates like that of the EPA
-Our delegation fight against legislature or executive abuse in viewing Campbell County as the State's cash cow
-A conservative state gov't with principles like that of the Tea Party

There are issues in the state I'm unfamiliar with.  I'm not afraid to say, "I don't know" if I don't know the answer. But I also find it unacceptable to not educatate myself once an issue has been raised.
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