Candidate For Campbell County Treasurer Becky Brazelton

Press Release - I am delighted to step forward as a candidate for Campbell County Treasurer. Shirley Study’s shoes will certainly be hard to fill, but I am confident that I am the best person for the job. I have an Associate of Applied Science degree in Accounting and have worked in the office for 32 years, with the last 18 years as Chief Deputy.  I have seen a great deal of change in the functions of the office with the progression of technology now used within the department and we job share so the staff has an understanding of where our money comes from and how it’s distributed. The #1 goal in the Treasurer’s Office is to provide excellent customer service and I believe, together with Shirley and the other deputy, Jackie Blikre, we have developed a staff of very competent and successful employees who maintain that goal.  

Born and raised in Gillette, I am the daughter of Jack and June Edwards. I am married to Steve, manager at Sherwin Williams.  We have three children and three granddaughters; all of them living and working in Campbell County. As a third generation Campbell County native, I have seen many booms and busts.  I am happy with the improvements made for the citizens of this fine county. I am proud to be a part of the Campbell County Treasurer’s Office, where we have been good stewards of the taxpayer’s money.

Working alongside Shirley Study has given me the opportunity to grow within my position and to initiate many improvements with her support. I’ve developed and maintained relationships with other departments and organizations with whom we work.  I’ve worked directly with our auditors, providing them with required information and documents and with the County Clerk in order to prepare the budget and project revenues for the coming fiscal year.

I believe I’ve earned the respect of all the employees within our office by being a non-biased, fair and consistent supervisor.

I am not seeking to make any drastic changes in the office as I think we've done a remarkable job of adjusting to the increased number of vehicles we license and property taxes we collect. Some additions I would hope to add within the next year would be to continue working closely with our IT department in order to develop a part-time satellite office in Wright and to implement on-line payments of property taxes and motor vehicle renewals.

I love working with and for the public. I can’t imagine that there is anything better. My thirty two years of service have prepared me well and I look forward to serving you as Treasurer.
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Location : Campbell County
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