Council Takes Notice Of Increased RV Parking Needs

At Tuesday night’s Gillette City Council workshop the council had a discussion on the parking of recreation vehicles. City Administrator Carter Napier said the topic centered around a booming Gillette and the need to house workers. 

“It sounds like the council is interested in passing an amendment to an existing ordinance that has sunset provision that would allow RV units to park and be serviced in mobile home parks for a limited period of time, a period of multiple years at this point.” --- Napier

Napier said it looks like the council will soon be voting on the issue in the normal three reading ordinance amendment process.  An influx of workers to Gillette who need a long term but temporary living space and a decreasing vacancy rate at area hotels are part of the issue. 

“So the answer is, at least proposed by some, to allow for more flexibility in the mobile home parks, so they can accommodate the six to eight month worker who is here on a relatively temporary basis.” --- Napier

Napier said it does not appear at this point that we are looking at the biggest boom in Gillette’s history, but it looks like there is a boom and it needs to be prepared for by the council.  

“I think it is prudent for the City of Gillette to continue their planning efforts to accommodate these kinds of boom type questions.  For me as the administrator, my recommendation and suggestion to the City Council is this is one of several questions that we need to be prepared to answer. I think it is clear that we are in a boom and I suspect that the boom will be here with us at least for the short term.” --- Napier
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