I-90 Between Gillette And Buffalo Open Again

UPDATED 8:30 --- I-90 Re-Opens to traffic from Buffalo to Gillette (Eastbound and Westbound) at 8:30 AM this morning. I-90 was closed last night June 22 at 9:40 PM due to Heavy Rains and approximately 8-10 inches of hail causing flash flooding at mile post 91 (Dead Horse Creek).  Maintenance crews have remained on scene and monitored the area throughout the night.  The water receded this morning enough for crews to re-open the road.  Motorists are reminded to slow down in this area and use extra caution.  
The same rain storm closed US 14/16 between Ucross and Gillette and it remains closed at this time.  WYDOT has a construction project near Spotted Horse at the Campbell County Line mile post 60-69.  The road surface has been torn up in this area due to construction and the heavy rain produced impassable conditions.  Construction crews continue working in the project area this morning and they are hoping to re-open this stretch of highway later this morning.  
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Location : Buffalo
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