Flash Flood Watch Presents Chance For Safety Reminders

According to the National Weather Service, slow moving thunder storms with heavy rain fall are possible today and again on Friday especially during the late afternoon and evening hours.  This could lead to flash flooding across parts of Northeast Wyoming and much of western South Dakota.  Campbell County Emergency Management Coordinator David King provided some traffic safety reminders for the public to keep in mind during the flash flood watch.  

“The number one item for caution on anything to do with water over a roadway is never drive into it if you don’t know whether the roadway is solid all the way through.  Even if it is a paved roadway, it could be undermined and just the pavement is all that’s holding up. If you put weight on it the roadway may drop out from under you.” ---King

King said other dangerous possibilities include a culvert could be missing or the roadway could include an obscured drop off. 

“You never want to drive into water, when you don’t know whether the roadway is sound or not.” --- King

King also warned that the depth of water on a roadway does not need to cover the vehicles wheels to be deadly.

“First of all also it doesn’t take much more than less than a foot of water sometimes to float a car off a roadway. That can be a real concern. Don’t ever go into moving water or standing water with a vehicle if you can keep from it.” ---King

King also provided some tips to keep your home safe during heavy rainfall.
“When we get these torrential rains, where it just comes and it rains heavily, your gutters may get filled up if you don’t clean them out.  You get leaves in them and that kind of thing. You can wind up with some damage to your house when the gutters are overflowing. Also if you have plastic covers over those basement windows you might have a crack in it. This kind of heavy rain can fill up that window well and you can wind up with water invading into your structure. So those are some things just pure ordinary maintenance this time of year that the person should be doing anyway.” ---King
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