Commissioners Continue Look At Landfill Options

The Campbell County Commissioners continue to look at long term planning for the county landfill. Chairman Mark Christensen said a consulting agreement was approved with Wenck Associates at yesterday's meeting. Christensen said the company does a lot of work for landfills and solid waste districts around the country. 
Christensen described Campbell County's expenses for operating the landfill as increasing expensive. He added they are looking at options to address concerns with the “dump hill” facility on Westover Road having exceeded it's capacity. 
“Most people don't know, but all the garbage is trucked north to a landfill out by the Dryfolk Station Power Plant. The reality is the handling facility on dump hill is just to small.” ---Christensen
The commissioners believe the consulting agreement approved Tuesday will help them look at long term options. One of those options could possibly include a new transfer station out on Northern Drive. A second option would be switching to a loose fill approach.
“Right now the garbage is bailed and taken to the dump. If we switch to loose fill the garbage can be dumped right there.” ---Christensen
Chairman Christensen noted the approved consulting agreement will allow an analysis of all the options and opportunities as well as feedback on the best option for long term consideration in terms of cost, liability, and customer service.
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