Crosswalk Talked About

The new skate park on 4J Road in Gillette continues to be a popular destination for area youth. At last week’s Gillette City Council workshop City Councilman Robyn Kuntz brought up the topic of cross walks in the area.
“My wife had noticed that the kids are crossing again at Frontier Drive and 4J Road. The area where we used to have a cross walk about four or five years ago that got eliminated.  That’s where it appears a lot of the kids going to the skate park are crossing both back and forth. I asked the council if they would look into putting a highly visible cross walk back in there again and make sure that it is a good safe crossing for the kids.”---Kuntz
Director of Developmental Services for the City of Gillette Dustin Hamilton said the city last looked at the pedestrian crossing across 4J Road near Frontier Street about four years ago. He said the city conducted multiple pedestrian counts and looked at the criteria; pedestrian volume and vehicle volume, to validate a crosswalk at the area.  He said at that point it was decided the cross walk would be removed. He noted with new development in the area they will once again evaluate the need.  
“Based on the new development in the corridor and the newer traffic counts that we will be conducting, we will revisit the installation of a crosswalk at that location and determine if it is validated at this point.” ---Hamilton
Kuntz says he hopes the data shows the need is validated and he also believes the council will be able to find the money in the budget.
“I think we can find the money in the budget and I would like to get it done as soon as possible.  Over by the college they have a real nice kind of a red colored high visibility cross walk.  They are a little more expensive, but I think when it comes to the safety of the kids, the more visible on a crosswalk the better off we are going to be.” --- Kuntz
Both Hamilton and Kuntz ask area youth to seek out safe crossings on 4J Road and remind motorists to look out for them. 
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