Air Agreement Continues Steps Forward

At Tuesday's Campbell County Commissioners meeting the commissioners went over a Sky West revenue agreement. Administrator Robert Palmer went over the background and a few adjustments that were made to the air service agreement.  
“In looking at the air subsidy enhancement that had previously been negotiated with Sky West and the State of Wyoming Department of Transportation Aeronautics Division, in the last year the commissioners facilitated the establishment of a committee to look into the matter.” --- Palmer
Tuesday the commissioners considered and approved some changes for the air service agreement.  Palmer said the new proposed contract will now go back to Sky West for some conditions to be approved.
“The conditions were the start up of jet service next spring, also the ability to negotiate fares in the future, and with continued commitment from the State of Wyoming Aeronautics Division for the air subsidy enhancement.” --- Palmer
 The total contract Tuesday proposed was three point five million dollars of which the county’s responsibility would be two million dollars.  In addition the city has submitted a letter to the county saying that they would be willing to participate up to three hundred fifty thousand dollars. Palmer extended a lot of gratitude to all the parties involved in getting to this point. 
"With all the entities involved and the dedication of the committee,  that helps offset the costs.” --- Palmer
Palmer said the next step is for the proposal the commissioners reviewed this week to be amended and brought back for their official vote.  He believes that could take place as early as August. 
Commissioner Dr. Garry Becker said the board is basically apposed to subsidies and noted the only reason they are open to the agreement, is because they see it as a vital to the economic well being of the community. 
“There are not any of us on the board who would be willing to do a guarantee like this year after year.  We are going to make this available to the citizens and business community of Campbell County. The people are going to have to utilize it to make it self sufficient. If at the end of three years or so, people are not using the service adequately for it to pay for itself, I don't think think board would continue this level of support indefinitely.” --- Becker 
Becker said the agreements will bring the benefits of increased reliability for air travelers and an increase in the number of seats available.
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