Peregrine Falcon Chicks Limit Climbing

Devils Tower, WY – Two peregrine falcon chicks were seen flying near a crack along a popular climbing route. A pair of nesting falcons was observed in the same area last May.
Activity such as rock climbing near or above falcon nests is distressing to the parent birds who attempt to defend their nests by diving at climbers. A temporary climbing closure remains in effect not only for the protection of the birds, but also for the protection of climbers.  “Failure to comply with the temporary closure may result in a fine and or 6 months in jail”, said Drew Gilmour, Chief Law Enforcement Officer.  “Over one hundred and fifty climbing routes remain open. All climbers must register at the climbing office before they begin their ascent.  Check at the climbing office for a list of all temporarily closed routes.”
Closed climbing routes include Good Holds for Godzilla (# 135) through Blade City (#192) described in the Devils Tower National Monument Climbing Handbook.  The edges of the Tower’s summit above these routes are also closed.  Other popular routes temporarily closed include Mac West, El Matador, Mr. Clean, the Southwest Buttress, and Rangers Are People Too.
"The climbing routes will reopen after the peregrine falcon chicks are no longer using the nest site. This will allow the learning flyers a chance to rest and mature without disturbance before migrating south", said Rene Ohms, Chief of Resource Management.
This is the first time peregrine falcons have been observed at Devils Tower.  Peregrine falcons were listed on the endangered species list due to DDT implications until 1999.  Throughout the country, peregrine falcon nests have been increasing and stabilizing.  According to the State of Wyoming Fish and Game, 2013 marked a successful year for peregrine falcons.  The state fish and game service “found 36 (84%) of 43 nesting territories occupied that had fledged 51 young or 1.4 young per occupied site.  These results are similar to long term averages and remain well above recovery goals, indicating that the Peregrine Falcons nesting population is stable in Wyoming.”  
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