Campbell County Adds a Modern Twist to an Old Favorite

Press Release - For many, the Campbell County Address Map Book is a necessity in their daily work lives, and for others it is a fun tool for viewing where addresses are located in the County. While the Address Map Book of old was an excellent tool, its size and bulkiness made it somewhat less than user friendly. Thanks to modern technology, the efforts of Campbell County Public Works and GIS Specialist Cathy Raney this behemoth book is now available in electronic format.
Megan Nelms, County Planner & Zoning Administrator, explains the Address Book is important to a wide variety of users. These include real estate agents, contractors, builders and, of course, curious citizens. Nelms went on to say “the new book is ten times better than the old version. The new Book includes aerial photos which have been layered with additional GIS information.” 
The new format also allows for instant updates. When new information is entered into the GIS system, these updates appear instantly on the County’s online mapping program, GeoBlade. Nelms went on to say, “we will be issuing updates 2-3 times a year for the hard copy version of the address book, but everyone is always encouraged to use our online mapping system for the most up to date information.” Previously, users also had to wait for Public Works to print and issue the books.
The new book is available electronically in .pdf format on the County’s website at those users who prefer a hard copy, do not despair, there are a couple of options. Users now have a choice to create their own book, or purchase the full book from several of the local print shops. The print shops that currently have the digital file currently include Arrow Printing, Gillette Printing, Simpson’s Printing, Sir Speedy and Zip Printing. Print shops who would like to acquire a digital copy to have available for printing can contact Campbell County Public Works at (307) 685-8061. It should be noted, the Book can no longer be purchased directly from Public Works.

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