Do Not Place Signs in Highway Right-of-Ways

Written by on May 15, 2017

Press Release – It’s a worthy reminder: state law prohibits people from posting signs on Wyoming Department of Transportation traffic signal poles or in the rights‑of‑way.

Signs mounted on utility poles, traffic signs, or highway markers announcing a garage sale…  Signs on the shoulder of the road or anywhere inside the highway right of way announcing a yard sale or advertising a house for sale or giving direction…  Are illegal and can cause safety problems.

“With the weather getting nicer we have seen an increase in the number of signs our crews are having to remove from traffic signal poles and the right‑of‑way fence or from the right‑of‑way itself advertising garage sales,” according to Ronda Holwell, WYDOT public relations specialist in Sheridan. “We understand signs are placed to help businesses or individuals, but safety issues arise when utilizing the traffic signal poles and the rights‑of‑way.”

Wyoming statute (W.S. 6-6-301-307) prohibits the placing of signs or objects within highway rights‑of‑way.  Fines and even jail time can be inflicted on those who don’t comply with the law. Wyoming statute (W.S. 24‑10‑104) states that outdoor advertising must meet certain conditions for placement. 

These objects can cause safety concerns, said Holwell adding that WYDOT’s number one goal is to provide a safe travel experience.

“We don’t want to be liable for an injury or death because we allowed someone to place objects in the right‑of‑way, which therefore obstructed someone’s view or distracted them, causing an accident,” she said.

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