Cloud Peak Energy Leading Founder of Local Community Fund

Written by on June 1, 2017

Press Release – It was nearly two years ago when Gillette local, Alison Ochs Gee, approached the Wyoming Community Foundation. She had been thinking a lot about the community she loved and ways that she could give back. Gee knew that if she created an endowed fund with the Community Foundation, she would be able to support the nonprofit causes she cared most about forever.

Gee, an employee at Cloud Peak Energy, established the Campbell County Endowment Fund with a small gift and a lot of hope for finding others who felt as passionate about the people and places in the area as she does.

As a part of their community contributions program, Cloud Peak Energy matched Gee’s donation dollar for dollar, and took it a step further by making a founding contribution to the Campbell County Endowment Fund.

Cloud Peak Energy is proud to play a role in the founding of the Campbell County Endowment Fund,” said Michelle Butler, Media Communications Representative for Cloud Peak Energy. “The communities in which we operate are an important part of our company. With the establishment of the Endowment Fund, Cloud Peak Energy hopes others will be encouraged to step up and contribute, in order to provide philanthropic support in our community for years to come.”

Cloud Peak Energy, as the leading contributor to the fund, let Alison and the rest of the community know their commitment to Campbell County.

Even as Gillette experiences tough times, Cloud Peak Energy continues to show dedication to improving our community,” says Gee. “There is so much to be said about that.”

Gee didn’t have to look far for additional support. A number of local individuals have given to the worthy cause as well, including Dara Corkery, who runs the AVA Center.

Nonprofits play an important role in our community,” says Corkery. “The Campbell County Endowment Fund will be there to help by providing a funding source in economic good times and difficult times,” she says.

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