State-Wide Tipline Seeks to Promote Awareness

Written by on March 14, 2018

Press Release – In Wyoming, as students are showing solidarity with the victims of the Parkland shooting, and focus on school safety, Safe2Tell Wyoming would like to join in support for the students seeking to be active members of their school and community, regardless of their political positions.

Safe2Tell Wyoming gives students, parents and teachers a means to anonymously report safety concerns and that is important,” said Governor Matt Mead. “In the short time the program has been operating, we’ve already seen measurable, remarkable results. As awareness of the program spreads and Safe2Tell grows, it becomes an ever more effective tool for keeping our children safe at school.” –Gov. Mead

The state of Wyoming passed legislation in 2016 critical to creating safe schools as a result of other school tragedies. Since that time Safe2Tell operators, law enforcement and school officials have responded to over 185 tips regarding suicide threats and self harm, investigated over 100 tips on drug and alcohol use from students, addressed 191 cases of bullying, and 30 tips regarding school shootings, two of those incidents lead to an arrest.

“When tragedies like the recent school shooting in Florida occur, students, parents, teachers and administrators naturally look to ways to prevent similar events in their schools and neighborhoods. We are fortunate in Wyoming, as a result of a concerted study and action by the Governor and our Legislature, to have a system in place called Safe2Tell that is part of the answer to preventing violence in, and associated with, our schools. The impressive record of Safe2Tell in the relatively short period in which it has been implemented, makes its potential clear. All persons interested in school safety can immediately play a personal role in maximizing the effectiveness of Safe2Tell by taking a few moments to make sure that the Safe2Tell application is installed on their cellular phones, and to encourage others to do the same. And even for those without cellular phones, Safe2Tell reporting is easily done if the necessary information is close at hand. With these tools in place, we believe that reporting legitimate concerns will become common, and make the program even more effective than it is today.” -Peter Michael, Wyoming Attorney General

A partnership with the Wyoming Highway Patrol, Wyoming Office of Homeland Security, Wyoming Attorney General’s Office and the Wyoming Department of Education, Safe2Tell Wyoming provides trainings, presentations, resources, promotional and marketing materials to Wyoming schools to increase awareness and promote responsible use of the Safe2Tell confidential reporting system.

Safe2Tell Wyoming provides students, parents, teachers and concerned community members a way to confidentially report safety concerns in order for appropriate teams of school officials and law enforcement to create effective interventions in the lives of youth who are struggling. By promoting the Safe2Tell Wyoming reporting resource, you are informing and engaging your fellow community members to be part of the solution.

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