The dynamic between 50 Cent and Tekashi 6ix9ine is a strange one. The New York legend has been claiming the “King” of his city as his kin for months. With so many similarities in their online behavior, we’re starting to believe that the two may actually be related. While Fiddy is likely not 6ix9ine’s father, he does call himself dad to a few little ones. Sire and Marquise are the only two boys that 50 legally claims responsibility for and he clearly loves them to the moon and back. In the past, he’s shared photos of his kids on social media and while it doesn’t happen often, he can get sentimental sometimes.

The king of trolling hit up Instagram to share a photo of his son, saying how he acts exactly like his father. “This kid is the best he acts so much like me already,” wrote Fiddy. He continued to shade his other “son” 6ix9ine for taking a little longer to show similarities. “My other son 69 is SLOW,” he said. Of course, some people take a little longer to develop into themselves and that is nothing to be ashamed of. After all, Tekashi is a multi-platinum recording artist now. At this point, he’s got to have made his father proud.

6ix9ine shared footage of himself in his real family home a few days ago, allowing fans to see a new part of his life.