Alleged Cover-Up Revealed

Written by on January 3, 2019

Jacob Wallentine, 27, faces multiple possession charges along with felony manslaughter and felony disposing of a dead human body after he reportedly injected Tamlyn Delgado with heroin, causing her to die from an overdose and then informants state he moved her body to Eagle’s Nest Apartments back on October 3- where she was later discovered in her vehicle. According to reports; 27 year old Delgado was found with a tourniquet and puncture mark in arm and a syringe in her lap.

The autopsy was performed and the cause of death was ruled a “methamphetamine and morphine recreational drug overdose”. That autopsy also revealed an amount of blood in Delgado’s underwear and a rape kit made known the presence of bodily fluids belonging to Wallentine.

DCI agents were told that Delgado went to Wallentine’s residence on Sept. 30, where he provided her with a deadly “hot shot,” a mixture of heroin and meth. A warrant for Delgado’s Facebook messages was granted and online communication between Delgado and Wallentine revealed their ill fated Sept. 30th plan to meet up for “shots”.

The next morning, several individuals, identified as “confidential sources,” joined Wallentine at his residence where he reportedly took one individual to “see the girl who had not awoken since using heroin” in his bedroom. Wallentine told one of the individuals that his plan was to make Delgado’s death appear to be a suicide.

Reportedly, Wallentine dressed Delgado, wrapped her in a blanket, and carried her outside to her vehicle, placing her in the driver’s seat. Sitting atop her body in the driver’s seat, he then allegedly drove Delgado’s car to the apartments, followed by one of the individuals turned informant who drove Wallentine’s vehicle. He was arrested Dec. 21 at the Budget Inn for a bond revocation warrant. On Dec. 28, DCI added charges of: felony manslaughter, felony delivery of heroin, and felony disposing of a dead human body to conceal a felony and he is currently being held for court on a $500,000 cash-only bond.

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