Cheney: Democrats’ Closed-Door Impeachment Effort Is ‘An Appalling Miscarriage Of Justice’

Written by on October 23, 2019

Washington –During today’s House Republican leadership press conference, Wyoming Congresswoman and House GOP Conference Chair Liz Cheney (R-WY) condemned House Democrats for continuing to carryout a closed-door impeachment process in an effort to nullify the votes of 63 million Americans who voted for President Trump. Click here to watch her full remarks and see the transcript below: 

REP. LIZ CHENEY: Good morning everybody. Thanks for joining us. We want to talk about a number of things this morning. In particular, we continue to watch what is happening with this impeachment process. It is, by any definition, a process that is an attempt, in secret in the basement of the Capitol, to unseat a duly elected President of the United States. It’s unlike anything we’ve ever seen before.

We know what a Constitutionally-serious impeachment process would like; we saw that happen both with President Nixon and with President Clinton. This is not that. This is not a search for the truth. This is not a situation where you’ve got the majority, the Democrats, who are upholding their constitutional duty and trying to get to the truth. This is a situation where they know the outcome that they want, and they have concocted a process in secret without the President’s Counsel there, without the ability to cross-examine witnesses, without the ability for the American people to see the evidence that they’re collecting.

It really is an appalling miscarriage of justice, a miscarriage of their constitutional duties and obligations, and it is something that the American people are going to long remember. It is a dangerous thing for our Republic to be in a process where the votes of 63 million Americans are being nullified in an attempt by the Democrats to unseat President Trump, driven by their hatred for this President and their partisan determination to try to do what they can’t do at the ballot box.

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