50 Cent Needs Will Smith’s Coronavirus Answers

Written by on March 16, 2020

50 Cent wants pointers from Will Smith on how to survive in a post-apocalyptic world following the coronavirus outbreak.

If you’ve been keeping up to date on today’s trending news, you’ll have already read countless stories about the novel coronavirus. Also known as COVID-19, the disease is quickly infecting thousands around the world, being classified as a global pandemic. 50 Cent has already joked about it on social media, acting somewhat carelessly and attending a strip club in New York City over the weekend, but it would appear as though he’s searching for ways to survive during this trying time. Asking for pointers, Fiddy went straight to I Am Legend star Will Smith.

“@willsmith better tell me whats going on or we boxing,” laughed 50 Cent on the internet, sharing a photo of the actor in I Am Legend, a post-apocalyptic film. 

50 Cent has been sharing lots of memes and jokes regarding the spread of COVID-19, which are helping to keep the public away from panicking. However, it’s important that we are all aware of the risks surrounding the outbreak. Keeping daily hygiene routines intact, including regular hand-washing with soap and water and social distancing, is vital in flattening the curve in North America. We do not want to end up like Italy or Spain, who are currently under lockdown because of the number of deaths and cases associated with the novel coronavirus.

Stay safe out there and binge-watch your favorite movies.

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