It’s difficult to navigate any social media platform these days without seeing someone giving their take on the “Buss It Challenge.” The Erica Banks track was first released back in June 2020, but after going viral on TikTok, the app’s users gave the single new life and Banks a global audience who had yet to hear her music. “Buss It” samples Nelly‘s 2002 meg-hit “Hot in Herre,” and according to the St. Louis icon, he’s enjoying hearing his No. 1 single make waves for Banks.

“It was a surreal moment watching it grow from platform to platform. I’m excited to see women having fun with it and now the guys are joining too,” said the 1501 Certified Entertainment/Warner Records artist. “Watching the women transform is the best part of the challenge and yes that’s something I relate to. Today I may give you sneakerhead and tonight you’ll see me all glammed up.”