Nick Young Details Iggy Azalea Finding Out About Pregnant BM

Written by on October 17, 2022

He says it wouldn’t have happened if Iggy wouldn’t have left him. “It wasn’t my fault.”

It was a messy situation several years ago when Iggy Azalea and Nick Young’s romance came to a screeching halt. The industry couple was going strong, or so some believed after news of their engagement circulated. However, when reports surfaced that Young was expecting another child with his high school sweetheart, Keonna Green, things took a turn.

Young and Green rekindled their lost spark and are now engaged, but at the time, there were reports that Iggy allegedly burned some of Young’s items following the pregnancy revelation. It was stated that she found out about Green being pregnant in the media with everyone else. Now, Young is speaking on that time in his life.

“That’s ’cause we was like, off and on and off and on,” Young told VladTV. “She wasn’t, you know, home. She left me ’cause the [D’Angelo Russell] thing. I get her back, then she left me for the chicks at the house thing. So, you know, she left me for like a month or so.”

“Things happen. I got where I’m comfortable,” he continued. “Me and my child’s mother start bonding [during] that time, and that’s what happened.” Vlad wanted to know if, after the drama, Young and Iggy were able to maintain a friendship. He said yes.

“We still talk and stay cordial, on and off,” he said. “It was really during—that happened when we wasn’t together. So, how they say, a ‘break baby.’ She shouldn’t have left, sh*t. So, it wasn’t my fault.” The basketball star also admitted that if they would have dealt with their issues, he and Iggy could have worked out their relationship.

“I feel like, she was going through a lot anyway with like, the media was killin’ here,” he added. “She used to get embarrassed a lot. So, she was like, ‘This another thing that people are going to embarrass me about. They don’t like me anyway, they always talkin’ about me!’ She was dealing with a lot.”

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