Vic’s Basin Buddies

All these animals are up for adoption at the Gillette Animal Shelter! Please stop by and see if they would make the perfect new addition to your home.

The shelter is open 1:00pm – 5:30pm Monday-Friday and Saturday from 11:00am – 3:00pm.

Located at 950 W Warlow Drive. Call them at 307-686-5249!

Lily is as sweet as her name implies. She came to us as a stray. She loves people and getting attention. She is a beautiful cat with lots of personality.

Tigress was turned in by the owner because of their work schedule. She is kind of timid, but enjoys attention. She was turned in with another kitty that has been adopted already. She is a good looking cat for sure!

Remington came in with Hilligan running loose together. They were never picked up by their owner. Remington is a sweetheart. He’s not quite as toy driven as his counterpart Hilligan. He is very friendly and enjoys being petted and cuddled. He is good while being brushed. He is learning how to walk on a leash.

Supresa is a little bit on the shy side, but absolutely loves to cuddle. He will do well in a quiet home to help with his shyness. He is very sweet and quiet. He keeps his cage pretty clean and enjoys hiding out in his little box he has in his cage.

Brinley is rather picky of who she spends time with. She is not a fan of small children and will bite if put in a situation with children. She’s not really a fan of other animals either. She does great with adults. She was friendly and enjoying the snow during my interaction with her.

Sly is a sweetheart. He and Moose were turned in by the owner because they were moving far away and couldn’t bring them with. He’s very sweet and friendly. He’s a bit curious too. He does NOT like to be brushed was the only bad remark they had about him. I picture him like Simba when his mom was grooming him and he’s like Mom, Mom, you’re messing up my mane!!!

Hilligan came in with Remington. They were both picked up running loose together. The owner didn’t come to claim them. Hilligan absolutely loves to play fetch. He will actually throw YOU the toy, so you can throw it for him!!! He has the potential to be a good hunting dog. He is very friendly and playful. He does well on a leash other than a little bit of pulling.

Rosco was turned in by the owner because the children in the house ended up being allergic to him. He is very friendly. He has as much personality as he has hair!!! He is very talkative and likes to roll around in his cage. He is a very funny character for sure!!!

Snaggle Ear was turned in by the owner as a barn cat. They turned him in due to him not getting along with their other cats. He has been in a barn before and does well as a mouser. Not sure what happened to his ear, but it looks like possible frostbite.

Patty is very shy. She is sweet once she gets comfortable around you, but she prefers to hide. She will do well in a quiet home where she can adjust to her surroundings. She will do well with an experienced owner who can help her get the confidence she so badly needs.

Mya is a very nice cat, however she prefers to be the only cat. She tends to become territorial when around other felines. We don’t know if she has been around dogs in the past or not. She is a little shy, but is friendly. She enjoys being brushed and being loved on.

Petunia came to us as a stray. This beauty has a lovely personality. She is pretty mellow. She does great on a leash. She is quiet most of the time. She does have a playful side. Very friendly dog!

Jameson was found running amuck around the neighborhood. He’s very sweet. He can come across timid and sometimes intimidating. He is your typical shepherd. Once he gets to know you he shows his softer side. He absolutely loves to play with a toy. He is good at fetch and will actually let you have the toy once in a while!!! He’s great on a leash. If you’ve been waiting on a shepherd here he is!!! Due to his escaping capabilities a fence check will be required at the time of adoption in city as well as county.

Yang is a sweetie. He was here once before picked up running loose. He is part of the bunch that all came in together. He does well on a leash. He can be a little shy at first, but warms up fast. He’s about 1.5 years old.

Frost is a little more outgoing than Blizz. He actually came into the kennel to greet me. He’s a little timid at first, but comes around fast. Also a lot of potential sitting here for a good dog. These are not lawn ornaments, they will take quite a bit of training and socializing, but I promise you it will be worth the effort!!!

Sampson is super sweet. Call the shelter at 686-5249 for more information!

Meet Wander! She has been at the shelter since October. They have been working with her as she wasn’t a social dog when she was brought in. She is very friendly now and such a lover! She does well with other dogs and cats. For more information on her give the Gillette Animal Shelter a call at 686-5249.

Flake is the runt of the litter. She is also one of the friendliest of the bunch. She is very submissive, but again with socialization and some training, she should grow out of that.

Spike was found roaming out in the county. He is very friendly and enjoys attention. Again another cool kitty!!

Dawg was turned in by the owner because they didn’t have enough time to spend with her. Dawg loves attention and can be pretty needy in that department. She’ll do great in a home by herself. She is pretty laid back. She is a lap cat. She just wants to cuddle.

Daisy was turned in because her owner left town and left her behind. She’s very sweet. She’s a little on the timid side and will hide under her bed most of the time, but she’s coming around. She likes to be held and cuddled. You speak nicely to her and she’s your best friend.

Spencer came in as a stray. He is very friendly and lovey. He enjoys being cuddled. He does have a playful side too.

Franklin is also from the Sheridan shelter. He is pretty quiet. He didn’t show much interest in the toys while I was getting his picture taken. He is friendly and laid back. He does well on a leash.

Jake was turned in by the owner because they were having a hard time potty training him and he wasn’t getting along very well with their other dogs. He is very sweet and quiet. He’s the quietest one of the bunch we have currently. He does great on a leash. He has had a couple of accidents since he’s been here, but he is still adjusting to our schedule. A meet and greet is a must for any potential adopters.

Ellie was originally from our shelter and was adopted out and turned in to the shelter in Sheridan. They signed her over because she does not do well with small dogs and cats. She is very playful and energetic. She is an athletic dog who needs lots of exercise. She is very sweet and friendly. She does well on a leash too!!!

Apollo was turned in by the owner because they were moving and couldn’t take him with. He’s very sweet. He’s cuddly too. This is a very good looking cat.

Athena was turned in by the owner because they were moving and couldn’t have cats in the new residence. She is very sweet and friendly. Very nice cat!!!

Moose came in with Sly. He is very friendly and curious. He wants to go outside really bad was the only thing they said about him that wasn’t good. He is a good looking cat too!!!

Meet Jacks!! He was turned in by the owner because their other dogs were beating up on him. This dog would be amazing at agility and the high jump and fetch events. He can really jump high for a toy. He is an absolute doll!! He is very smart and willing to please. He needs some training not to jump on people, he gets so excited to be around people he tends to jump up. This dog is a diamond in the rough.

Meet Alcatraz! He originally came in as a stray. He got away from me when I was putting him in his cage when he came in, so he got dubbed Alcatraz since he’s an escapee. He was with us for some time and was our kitten babysitter while he was here. He was then adopted and recently brought back because the owner didn’t have time for him and his buddy Peabody. Super sweet cat loves attention and doesn’t mind dogs.

Meet Maybelline!! Maybe she’s born with it, maybe it’s Maybelline!!! This sexy lady came in as a stray. She really loves everybody and loves to play. She’s got tons of energy, give her a toy and she’ll be your friend for life. This dog is super sweet and loves attention!

Meet Derek! Derek was caught wandering the streets. He is a young male neutered. He is a sweetheart and loves people. He is a pretty cat. We are black cat central at the moment.

Meet TJ! He is a male kitten neutered. T.J. came in to the shelter as a stray. He was very sick with Distemper when he came in. He went into foster care and was able to fight it with amazing care!!! He is a sweetheart!!! He is an absolute lover!

Meet Sage!!! She was turned in by the owner because she became destructive when she was left home alone for long periods of time. She is a very nice dog. She is still a puppy and needs some training. She does well on a leash. She has lots of energy and likes to play. She is very friendly.

Meet Summer! She is a Springer Spaniel. Beautiful dog. Very friendly. Would need to go to a home with no cats.

Meet Titus! He is a one year old Pit Bull Boxer Mix. Very energetic! Will need to go to an active home with older kids and no cats. Call the Gillette Animal Shelter for more information or stop by today when they open at 1 to check him out! Very happy dog!

Meet Bella! A two year old female black and white Shih Tzu! She is so adorable. Would be great for anyone looking for a relaxed dog. Rides in the car well. Loves to be the star of the show!

Meet Killer! He is about 10 months old. He is litter box trained and pretty low maintenance. He loves people and attention. He enjoys being out of his cage getting exercise. He doesn’t mind being held. This is a great project for someone wanting a first time pet or a 4-H project.

This is Scooter. Very sweet dog.

He is a very energetic man. He loves to be with people. He will sit, lay down and learn new tricks for a treat. Scooter loves a good belly rub and is happiest when with a human. 
On the down side. When Scooter is in a home with other dogs, he tends to mark his territory. Since he’s been at the shelter, he has not marked at all. He is vocal here, but that’s because he’s a little dog and he feels he has to compete with other dogs for the attention of prospective adopters, he doesn’t realize that not all humans like the barking. HE FOUND HIS FOREVER HOME DECEMBER 7TH!!! 

Meet Blossom! The Animal Shelter says that Blossom came to them as a stray. They are estimating her to be about 9 months old. She is quiet and laid back. She is quite a sweetie.
Vaccinations up to date, spayed / neutered.

Looking for a cat? Here your chance to adopt this sweet girl.

 ADOPTED DECEMBER 17th THANK YOU! Burton came to the Gillette Animal Shelter as a stray. He is a sweet heart. He reminds them of Tim Burton they think…. He’s very laid back. He is a bit of a chatterbox at times. ADOPTED DECEMBER 17TH THANK YOU! 

Meet Dolly!  Dolly came to the Gillette Animal Shelter as a stray. She is very calm and just a sweetheart! Stop by the shelter today and see her. Or call them for more information on this beautiful looking cat!

Meet Lucy!  This sweet girl recently came to the Gillette Animal Shelter. She is very sweet and well mannered!  The shelter thinks her owners might be looking for her! So if you know her or her owners please call the shelter so she can get back to her family. She gets along with other dogs and is house trained. Contact the shelter for more information on this cute dog.  

Meet Pumpkin! She was picked up prowling the neighborhood. She is very sweet. She is ready to rule the roost at her forever home. She’s friendly and likes to play. She is about a year old. She is such a sweet thing.

Meet Cloud! Very sweet girl! Cloud was floating around the neighborhood. She must’ve gotten lost at her last turn. She is ready to put somebody on Cloud 9 for Christmas! She is a sweetie and loves to play. She is a typical kitten, so she is full of energy. She is curious about everything and she also has a cuddly side.

Meet Cassie! She came in with Menace. She is a little timid to strangers at first. She has the typical German Shepherd bark and personality. She has some separation anxiety and tends to become destructive when left home alone. She is very sweet. She does good on a leash. She knows her basic commands. If you give her a squeaky toy she will keep you entertained with the way she squeaks it non stop. She has lots of energy and will need to be exercised regularly.

Meet Baker! He showed up as a stray at someone’s house and tried to make himself at home, but was not welcomed, so he was brought to us. We call him Baker because that is what he does all day is knead on his bed. He will make a great cuddle buddy. If he was a dog, he’d be a lap dog for sure. He is very sweet and friendly.

Meet Dozer! He was turned in by the owner with Cleo. They were fostering these dogs and the agency never got back in contact with them. This gentle giant looks older than he actually is!!! His teeth make him seem about 4-5 years old. They guessed him around 6 years. He is very quiet and listens really well. He’s good on a leash.

Lucky is one lucky guy. He came down with a very bad cold, he wouldn’t eat and was just miserable. Then his health took a turn for the better and he has been doing great. We worked very hard to nurse him back to health. We thought we were going to lose him a couple times, but he bounced back finally. This is a very sweet cat. He is ready to go to his forever home for Christmas. He has the potential to be a good mouser or just a companion for someone. He does like to cuddle at times and is very friendly.

Meet Quinn! He was caught roaming the streets. He had his six shooter on him and looking for a fight. He was prowling for the ladies and would shoot any man in sight. Ok, so it was an exaggeration, but it sounded good. Quinn is very much the opposite of how this story goes. He is very laid back and not very motivated to do anything. He truly did come in as a stray. He will do great in any home. He’s very friendly. He enjoys being brushed.

Kitty here was turned in by the owner because she was naughty and making a mess of the place, spilling food all over and just being rowdy. Ok, so she likes to party at night, is that a crime? She had a playmate or should I say a partner in crime, Butterball. He’s still on hold while he settles in a little more to the shelter setting. She is friendly and a little shy at first when meeting new people, but she comes around quickly. She is sweet and enjoys attention. Brushing is her favorite.

Jazzy is very friendly. She likes to be brushed and petted. She is looking for a lap to lay on and keep warm. Coat Length is short. She is house trained and up to date on vaccinations.

Cinnamon was also another kitty that caught a bad cold and has finally bounced back as well!!! She’s very friendly. She seems to like everybody. She enjoys getting attention and a good brush. She will do best in a home by herself with no other cats. She is ready to rule your roost and is hoping to win the lotto in homes.

Meet Junkyard! This dude seems to have had a rough upbringing. He’s actually very sweet. His exterior is a bit rough too. He may be rough around the edges, but don’t let that deter you from this kitty. He loves attention. He could use a groom to give him a fresh start on his long coat. He is very friendly and curious about everything in his surroundings.

Rose is also a resident from No Place Like Home. She is kind of shy at first, but comes around quick. She actually is pretty friendly once she comes out of her shell. She is good with other cats, but is a little timid around children. Not sure about dogs. She will do well in a quiet home.

This is Ginger she is 11 years old. Now don’t let her age deter you as it is just a number. She has spunk and lots of energy for an ol’ girl. She is very friendly and loves everybody. Again could use a diet and a groom and she’ll be in good shape. She has aged very well for this size of dog, so again don’t let her age deter you from adoption. She will do great in a quiet home where she can retire pampered!!!

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