Jennifer Lopez is living her best life as she turns 49 today. Most probably wouldn’t believe the singer is nearing 50 based on her looks and the dynamic state of her career. Today, we celebrate the artist with a selection of some of the most memorable content on her Instagram account.

That time she served face with Kim Kardashian.

The fact that these two ladies appear to be from the same generation is amazing. Jennifer takes care of her body like an athlete to the point at which the benefits reach her face. Impressive.

When her lover is also her fitness partner.

Speaking of athletes, her man is most encouraging of her healthy habits. The pair often share their love for fitness with their following and it’s equal parts sexy and inspiring.

This short film.

The reason for this film is completely overshadowed by how good Jennifer looks. What is the narrative? Who cares?

5. Then, there was her last birthday outfit.

Jlo came into her 48th like a real baddie.

Peep more notable moments below and wish your girl a happy birthday. May she bless the world with her glow for many more years to come.